Horse Love

There's something to be said about the bond between a girl and her horse.  There's an unspoken understanding that's built on trust. The paths they cross together and time spent doing that creates a bond like no other.

I love equestrian photo shoots.  Whether it's just me and the horse, or a trifecta with me, the horse, and person I'm photographing. Photographing horses strikes something deep within my soul.  The love of horses started early for me, I loved learning about them when I was a kid, I ordered every book on horses from the Scholastic Book Club that I could and jumped for joy when they had a surprise poster inside!  I think I was the only kid in my school that had horse posters plastered on every wall in my bedroom, yet we didn't live on a ranch or have horses in our neighborhood. It never stopped me from begging my parents for a pony! They always said no but I kept asking anyway.  Sorry Mom.

When the gorgeous Melissa asked me to do an equestrian senior portrait session with her and her roping horse, I jumped for joy and started planning.

This is how it went...

Creative Team: DeEtte, Production & Lighting Assistant, Chris

Our Gear: Best friend -Canon 5D Mark III - 70-200mm 2.8 - 24-70mm 2.8 - 580EXII - Westcott reflectors