Halloween Inspiration

Sometimes a little thought can turn into a magical moment.

Sophia came home from school jumping up and down that tomorrow is the costume parade and she wanted to try on her Princess Elsa costume.  As we were getting her dressed my mind was flashing through mini vignettes of her running and playing through the forest. So what is a photographer to do with these mind rambles...grab the camera, Princess Elsa, her wand and go make some fairy-tale magic.

This is how it went...

Golden Mirror
Magical snow globe
The Magical Light
Happy Princess
Ice Princess

To Sophia, from Mom.  I love you forever.

Princess Elsa was saddened by the fact that she lost her musical snow globe!

She looked high and low but could not remember where she put it.

While walking in the enchanted forest, she came across the Golden Mirror.

She peered into the shimmering glass with sadness in her voice she asked, "Golden Mirror, do you know where I could have set my favorite musical snow globe?"

The Golden Mirror sparkled shining a ray of light toward the old forgotten tree forest and there laid her snow globe! It was glowing with a brilliant colorful light. All of the sudden she could hear music floating through the air, she jumped up and down with happiness, kissed the mirror and ran saying thank you Golden Mirror as she burst through the forest to get to her snow globe.

When she picked up the snow globe she could see the fairy princess dancing inside the glittery snow capped land inside the globe.  The fairy smiled began singing to Elsa...

Find love in your heart

Spread kindness with your words

Be thoughtful with your actions

Never let go of these things and you will never be Frozen! lala la

Princess Elsa was so happy, she danced and twirled while singing the new song the fairy sang to her all the way home.

The End.