My western art is true-life documentary. I go out on the open range on horseback or ATV to capture the cowboy lifestyle. How a cowboy works and what he or she endures to protect, feed, and care for cattle and other livestock is something more than fascinating, its phenomenal to watch how they maneuver 1500lb animals through mountain ranges, cliffs and unimaginable rocky terrain that seem impossible. The endless work is not something they need a pat on the back for, they do it for the love of freedom. Being out in the open without the confines of people, buildings and technology gives them a sense of connection with the land. I feel blessed to be a be able to document cowboy’s true day-to-day lifestyle and share with others.
— DeEtte


Giclee Fine Art


The word Giclee is a French word given to differentiate the process of creating prints with superior printers and inks.  When choosing a Giclee photograph you are choosing a photograph that is distinguished as superior fine art with museum archival quality.  The longevity of this type of fine art paper is 100 years+ confirming Giclee prints are the finest available.

If you are interested in printing on other mediums, bamboo paper, canvas, plexi, or metal, please let me know.  I will be happy to work with you to find the best medium for your wall or project.